Child’s Portrait

Let’s see… what happens when two brilliant lawyers decide to have children… a pair of siblings too smart for their own good!  Sassy, spunky, sweet and confident these two are going to grow and challenge each other in all areas for the next fifteen years at least.  Good Luck Erica and Joel!!  

triple crown

after deciding to add recent triple crown winners to my latest horse head I realize just how in the dark i live. i had no idea that on June 7 we may have our first triple crown winner in 36 years by a california bred horse with little or no pedigree… just a will to win.  his humble beginnings along with his owners is another rags to riches story our free and beautiful country continues to breed. if he wins i must change the stripe on this horse to a blaze.

pair of ponies

an adorable couple about to have their third little one commissioned this pair of ponies for their new home they are remodeling in an historic district of town.  they both have great style and she should consider working as an interior designer in her “spare time”.  

henry red, giclee print on art board, 12x12, highly embellished, available

henry red, giclee print on art board, 12x12, highly embellished, available

atlanta decorative arts center

parker and i had a great day visiting my old stomping grounds yesterday.  many thanks to incredibly accomplished interior designer and friend, gretchen gilstrap edwards, for displaying my artwork in her beautifully decorated window at adac. check out her website at or look her up on Facebook. she and her design team are so talented!!  thank you gretchen!

pretty in pink

abbey poses in front of her cousin’s portrait just before we decide to add a touch of pink.  i believe it was miley cyrus who said it so well… “pink isn’t just a color, it’s an attitude”.


my studio assistant and stylist wasn’t satisfied until the deer had a little bling… always accessorizing